Action gamblers are usually males who started the habit in their teen years. These men are usually very intelligent and have high IQ's. Their usual outlets are betting games that requiring skill and cunning like black jack, poker, sports betting and even stock trading. To them, gambling gives a sense of euphoria like a drug induced high. Generally, action gamblers are very ego driven and controlling. They are also quite narcissistic and almost always in need of some sort of approval and confirmation, like winning a big pot of money.

Three-fourths of escape gamblers are usually women. The gambling addiction usually starts when they reach 30 or older. They are usually co-dependent and they choose games requiring little or no skill like slots, bingo, or the lottery. These women gamblers usually appear numb or in a trance when engaged in gambling. They feel free of emotional and physical pain when gambling because they are conflict avoidable and often have suffered verbal and physical abuse.

There is hope, however. Gambling addictions can be broken and for many, the most successful treatment programmers involve both individual professional counseling and group therapy. It involves educating the gambler and their family, intensive individual therapy, group therapy, thorough relapse prevention and practical budget planning. For women, complete abstinence and a strong intervention usually delivers a high success rate of breaking the addiction.


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