Winning at online Bingo is not the easiest feat; for many, it's just a matter of luck. But if you're truly serious about the game and hope to fill your pockets with big bucks- well, it's all in the numbers.

Most people have heard of the law of probability; in fact, if you recall, it's usually taught in high school. The law of probability is a complex system devised of factors and formulas; basically too complex to discuss in a few short paragraphs. But to put it in understandable terms- a 75 ball game of Bingo allows a player from the start a 1 in 75 chance of winning; furthermore, there are an equal number of even and odd numbers that will be chosen; as well, there's just as high and low numbers- it all starts out equal.

As numbers are picked, the odds change. Let's say 10 numbers are picked; 7 of them are odd and 3 of them are even; odds are the next number chosen is even- there are more of them to choose from and that's how the law of probability works. So if this holds true; winning in Bingo starts with choosing a varying card with equal number of high and low cards with an equal number of even and odd cards.

As well, you want to find cards that have varying numbers with unlike ending digits. In other words, don't choose a card with 21, 41, 51, and 71. The odds are these numbers will not be chosen on one winning card; there's too many more varying numbers with other ending digits left in the pot. If this is too confusing- just simply remember to pick a card with high numbers and low numbers under each letter column; that way, you'll have a nice random variety.

Another great way to win at Bingo is by just being smart; it's pretty simple to understand that your odds of winning increases with the number of cards you play. If 10 cards are being played by 3 different people and you are holding 5 of those cards; you have a 50% chance of winning. So play multiple cards; but be careful not to overdo it; too many cards can sometimes cause a player to overlook a number.

A lot of avid Bingo players suggest playing only 4 cards at a time; anymore can be too distracting, and any less can mean risking a loss. Certainly, at the beginning, buy only a few cards and buy them early. This way, you will have enough time to work out the probability and hopefully win.

Many times, big jackpots attract an enormous amount of players; remember, for every card played- your odds decrease. So look for small games with moderate jackpots. There's nothing wrong with playing in a small game if your odds are increased significantly. Remember, a few small games won can add up to good money over time.

Winning at Bingo is an exhilarating feeling; but be smart. Look for ways to stretch your initial deposit; most Bingo websites feature some type of sign-up bonus. As well, many websites offer promotional prizes and incentives for new members and existing members. Look for these great deals and make the best out of your Bingo experience.


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  1. Winning at online bingo is sheer luck. One must remain rooted in reality while playing online bingo. One must set a limit to the amount that one will play in a day. This evens out the wins and losses and one makes a good profit at the end of the day.

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