K-12 teachers are virtually looking for fun methods that they can introduce to their classrooms which can be used as a means of practising math. There are many possibilities, but one option that you may not have considered is to play bingo. Math bingo is conducted just like standard bingo except that the bingo cards are printed with numbers which are the solutions to the teacher's math questions rather than the typical numbers used in bingo. Every one of the students receives a card, the teacher plays the part of the bingo caller, but of course reading out math or arithmetic problems rather than the bingo numbers, and thus you play the game. Winners are determined according to the standard rules for bingo, but marked off numbers only count if they are crossed off as a result of correctly solving one of the math question.

The key thing you will need to play math bingo in class is to obtain a set of bingo cards printed with the the answers to the teacher's selected math problems. This may well seem like a problem. But actually, printing out some customised math cards is quite straightforward just by using a PC and a bingo card maker program. Just install the program on a computer, and you could be printing out customized bingo materials only moments later.

To conclude, more and more K-12 teachers are discovering that modified versions of the game of bingo are useful for classroom math practise. It is a fun but also educational activity - and you might well also!

By S. Tanna. Discover how to be a bingo card maker at http://www.bingocardmaker.org


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