With the high volume of gaming sites offering bingo bonuses, there is a high potential of being cheated

While there are trustworthy bingo sites, which operate under a professional code of conduct, you will also find some sites just looking to make a quick buck. When you are ready to start playing bingo online, and you are searching for that lucrative bingo bonus, make sure to look for the well established, professional looking sites - with user reviews, which you can usually find online with a simple Google search. You can also usually find background information about the company, and how long they have been operating. If you can't find this information, then at this point, your red flags should be going up.

Another red flag is if the bingo company in question does not have a verifiable address and if they claim to be part of a bigger bingo or casino conglomerate, make them prove it. Usually, reputable sites will have contact information listed on their Web site, where you can either email or call a technical support representative.

Don't get misled by flashy deposit bonuses either. Always beware of a bonus that is way above the industry norm, as they are probably using the enticing quantity of the bingo bonus to get you to deposit money. If the site requests that you deposit with cash or check they may be planning to take your money and run.

In most cases, a reputable bingo site will make sure to use correct grammar and spelling, as the bingo site is one large advertisement for the business. If it looks like your 4-year-old niece wrote the content for the Web site, you can almost guarantee - the site is a fraud.

Frauds are part of everyday life, and fraud artists take refuge in a digital world where you can't see their faces or hear their voices, so keep yourself safe by taking the necessary precautions.

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