It is rather simple to count your outs, proved that you recognize what an out is. An out is every card that betters your hand. At this point it is not crucial whether an out actually gives you the highest hand in the pot. It is conceivable that your opponent has an invincible hand then you will have outs to better your hand but can not win versus him.

Counting outs

First you have to realize that a card deck has 52 cards. You already know 2 of them since you are dealt two hole cards at the start of a hand. You get to know three other cards on the flop and additional two cards on turn and river. That implies that you know five cards and do not know 52 - 5 = 47 cards on the flop. Cards that can better your hand are anyplace in that unknown deck of cards.

If you are drawing to a flush you have to realize that there are four dissimilar suits and thirteen cards for each suit. So if you are holding four cards of the same suit you are holding a flush draw. Thirteen cards of one suit are out there, four of them are already yours therefore there are 13 - 4 = 9 cards that improve your hand.

But if you got a flush draw and an additional straight draw you must not double count your outs. For example you hold 58 in spaded and the flop is 46A with two spades. Then the 7 of spades feeds you both a straight and a flush. So you have to count it as 1 out and not like that: four outs for a straight + nine outs for a flush.

Discounting outs

Frequently it is conceivable that you have some outs that better your hand but will not give you the winning hand. Let's accept you have 88 on a A-K-Q flop in one suit. Plainly every eight gives you a set but your opponent could already have a better set, a straight or a flush!

That is the reason you want to discount outs. The most effective way to do so is to count all conceivable outs and discount the outs that most plausible will not assist you in winning the hand.

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