Sitting down in the big blind is a comfy affair pre-flop. You catch what every individual player is doing and you are able to take a close look to the action that's happening. But you likewise have to cope with blind thieves and you have the disadvantage to act out of position after the flop. After all it is not that comfy.

Acting versus a Raise

If you are seated in the big blind and it happens that players call or fold and you only have to check to see a flop. If a player raises it is another story. Versus such a raise you have to put forward a fight or just back off and fold. One crucial fact is the position the raise comes from. A raise by early position displays a good deal more strength than a raise from late position. A early position raiser is a lot more likely to hold a really good hand. A late position raiser, particularly from the button could be just thieving and holds a weak hand. Players frequently try to steal the blinds from the button and if you are in the button you have to defend it.

So the most crucial fact to look at is the position the raise arrives from. If it is probable that the raiser has a weak hand the best choice is to re-raise and take down the pot aheadof the flop. But if you have to deal with a early or middle position raiser it is more plausible that he holds a good hand and you had better honor that. Therefore you need a really good hand to stay in the hand. If you call be mindful that you act out of position on the following three betting rounds. Therefore your hand has to be rather Substantial. Re-raising is the better choice if your hand or the position of the raiser warrants it. Folding is the second best option and calling the riskiest option. You want to call very seldom in the big blind.

Check or raise?

Nearly all the times your opponents just limp and you are able to check and see the flop or make a raise. Typically you ought to check with all weak hands and with hands that play well in a multi-way pot. For example 98, 43, J2, 74 and such. Hands that are good but do not play good in multi-way pots ought to be raised. For example middle pairs like Jacks or Tens. In these cases you ought to make a raise - a large raise! Hands like AK and AQ had better also be raised. Make certain that not every trash hand can acquire a look at the flop for free.

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