The majority of poker players fall into one of two playing styles. These styles are either aggressive play or passive play. There are advantages and disadvantages of each style. Aggressive play can be a very powerful and can add value to your game.

In general an aggressive player will bet and raise more often then a passive player would. This strategy also takes a lot more skill then playing passive. Without understanding how to play aggressive, trying to use such a strategy would simply make you a loose player. Here are a few things you will want to avoid if you play an aggressive style of poker.

#1. Being to aggressive will lead to predictability, which is worse then being passive #2. Avoid becoming known as a maniac, playing to many inferior hands will lead to other players calling your aggressive bets

You want to use what is called controlled aggression. For example, you can be aggressive with a strong drawing hand. This will allow you to try and take down the pot right away, but if you are called you still have a chance of winning the hand.

The best place to use aggression is pre-flop. Strong starting hands should be played with this style rather then a passive style. These strong hands, like A-K, have a better chance of taking the pot when weaker hands can be weeded out. Having to many other players in the pot will lower your chances of winning the hand. Hands like A-K should rarely be slowed played. Such a passive style will loose you chips over the long run.

Practice your aggressive style before trying to use it to much. This is a skill that can take a while to learn. The worst thing you could do is end up becoming that loose player that everyone makes there money off. With that said you will never become a strong poker player with out learn to use controlled aggression.

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