The first bingo games started in Italy around 1530. Back then they were not known as bingo but rather LO Giuco Del Lotto d' Italia. As other counties began to create their own versions of the game the name was shortened to Lotto. These games became popular in Europe. In Germany teachers would use the game to get children to learn their multiplication tables.

The game of Beano was created from the early Lotto's. Beano would be played a carnivals and fairs. Players would have a ticket that would be put on a horse shoe shaped table. Someone would call-out the numbers and the players would put a bean on the right number. This version is very close to the game bingo that we play today.

Edwin Lowe can be called the true founder of the game bingo as we know it. In 1929 this toy maker and inventor heard about the game of Beano and what to make his own version of it. He then had some friends over to try it out, when one of them had won the yelled out Bingo rather than Beano. Edwin Lowe decided to call his version Bingo; in light of his friend's new phrase.

Lowe began to allow other toy inventors to make their own versions of the game as long as they kept the name Bingo. The game spread throughout the United States and then Europe. It became very popular as a fund-raising tool and many teachers began to use the game. Edwin Lowe can be created we what we know as the game of Bingo.

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