It can be very cold in Michigan during the winter months. You will want to be sure to have some warm cloths packed away to make sure you will be able to keep warm.

Michigan has many historic and fun places for vacationers to visit. From the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to the wonders of the Upper Peninsula there are unlimited tourist attractions, events, great restaurants for you to visit.

With two peninsulas to explore you will find that the state is beautiful throughout the whole year. You will have the chance to watch the great lakes from various beaches, visit amazing museums, and drive through the flat lands of the south part of the state all the way through the Porcupine Mountains.

Michigan is full of historic cities like Detroit, Ann Arbor, Traverse City and Marquette. Enjoy skiing at Marquette Mountain in the UP or take a trip to Gaylord just be for the Mackinaw Bridge.

Mackinac Island is a great place to get away from the modern life and go back to when they drove horse and buggies. The island is free of motor vehicles and had many historic land marks.

One of the most beautiful parks in the state is the Manistee National Forest. Hikers will find themselves in hiking heaven. There is also great fishing and camping in the park.

If you plan on spending a large amount of your time outdoors on your vacation they you will have to make your vacation destination somewhere in the State of Michigan. If so many things to do outdoors you will not want to miss out of what the state has to offer. Take your family on a vacation that they will not soon forget.

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