When you are trying to control the pot size in a poker game it is all about trying to keep certain players. This could be trying to keep yourself in the hand or trying to get an opponent to stick around based on the circumstances of the game. If you have a good hand but it could still be beaten by a flush or straight on the river, it is a good idea to try and keep the pot small so you don't get yourself to committed to the pot if they do hit their draw.

On the other hand if you are the one that hits your nut flush on the turn for example you do not want to scare the rest of the player into folding. However, you still want to pot to grow as much as possible before the showdown comes. Trying to do both of these things at the same time requires some skill at pot controlling.

Once a pot has grown to a large proportion it can be very difficult to let go of your hand. It is even worse when you lose the hand and can often cause you to go on tilt. Yet, maintaining a some control over the size of the pot can help avert the potentially dreadful result of over-betting a middle-of-the-road hand.

When you do get that nuts hand; you will want to make the best of it. It can be just as hard to watch everyone fold and only take a small pot after getting a monster hand. You may have been folding your hands all night this is the place to make your money. Try and make other players pay you off my showing some weakness while still trying to get some money into the pot.

Remember that controlling the pot is important if you're in control someone else is.

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